Pamper Those Feet 

You should exfoliate your feet and follow up with an oil. Exfoliating can be beneficial as it gives you a smooth texture removes dead skill and allows the oil to penetrate deeper, giving you awesome results. A few times a week is all that is required.
I like to create my own scrubs and oils with my choice of organic ingredients.  It’s fun and I’m in control of what my body is absorbing.Set the future of your feet up for success. 


Resting up

Having the appropriate amount of sleep is super important for your body and skin. However although our minds tell us we can handle those long nights, Our under eyes beg to differ. Not so happy when we start noticing bags, fine lines, puffiness, crows feet, and dark circles huh? To avoid and prevent introducing an eye cream to your everyday routine (specific to your concerns) will be a start. Then follow by incorporating at least the minimum of eight glasses of water daily. (More if possible) Stimulate the area with your ring finger ONLY. (Less pressure in that particular finger)  Lastly get obsessed with fruit and vegetables. The most powerful antioxidants you can ever have. Not only will your under eyes improve. Your skin and overall body will do a 360. 

Say No, to Neck Neglect 

Most of the people I come in contact with don’t realize the importance of paying attention to the neck and hands are. This should be a big step in your skin care along with your face. It’s important to tend to your neck and décolleté, as they can be a great sign of age. You should want your skin to be on the same level all the way around. No one wants a young face with an old neck. Remember, your eyes, neck and hands will always age first. Due to the thinner skin and how much exposure to the sun without proper protection. 

Smile it’s contagious

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Shades- sunglasses 

Always wear shades to avoid squinting with your eyes. It will cause fine lines and wrinkles around your eye area. Most of all your eyes will depend on that movement anytime exposed to bright lighting. Also you want to beware of sun damage and specific cancers caused by the sun. 

Primer: The Glue

All make up applications should always be prepared with skincare. Let’s also not forget about another important step, primers. Primer is what’s going to assure that you have a flawless finish the entire day/night as if you just applied product. I like to call primers your make up glue. Anything you apply on top of your primer will prolong the wear. Here are some of my favorite primers from different brands I’ll explain why I love them below. Ultimate Ozone by Urban Decay is a soft moist but not tacky clear pencil that can be used to prime both your lips an eyes. I love this product because I can munipulate it an smooth out texture in my lips an make lipsticks stay on without transferring. Also I can prime my eyelid from lid to brow bone an get a bold saturated eyeshadow to pop as I flicker my eyes.  Another thing is I like to lightly graze over my brow with it an apply a brow powder . You will require little or more as you want depending on your desired brow look. 

 HourGlass mineral veil is a defiantly a game changer. This face primer cuts back redness in the skin,blurs imperfections and makes any foundation that you pair with it water proof. It doesn’t get any better than this. Some people wear just a dime size alone for the benefits without wearing makeup.  I find myself to be obsessed with this Smashbox under eye primer. I like to use it for priming for concealers and also if I’m doing a blown out look under my eyes. Hydrating and prepping for a smooth application. My holy grail. I can’t live without this Dior Maximizer. It is a primer serum and conditioner for your lashes. (Some also apply on eyebrows). This bad boy prepares your lashes while strengthen and conditioning them. It’s also promotes growth. Most of all you are prepared for your mascara to be applied without clumps or flakes an your able to enjoy multiple coats without unwanted texture.  Every night before bed I make sure I apply my brow conditioner. The applicator is very delicate an easy to massage on. Loaded with awesome ingredients to repair and strengthen brow hair. I never neglect my brows. Talk about results. IM OBSESSED. 

The Alicia Keys Movement 

I am totally obsessed with Alicia keys right now. The movement in which she is standing for is phenomenal and allows people to  accept their imperfections.   The bravery of revealing their true self and embracing what one may call flaws. Many may feel strongly against it but I do not think this will affect any make-up artists career. In fact, it will teach people to take better care of their skin before applying any cosmetics. When you remove your make up you still want to look and feel beautiful. Make up is just an assessory to your beauty and not to be depended on.

Dry skin 

It’s a lot easier to determine if someone’s skin is dry rather than oily. Key signs to figuring out dry skin are a little more simple. After getting  consent to feel your clients skin you may pick up on dry patches. You may see the skin flaking and peeling. It may even appear dull, with a lack of radiance and enlarged pores. 

   Dryness can cause the skin to become irritated an chaffed. The skin can even  become congested, due to over-production of natural oil, in order  to compensate for dryness. You can see the client loosing plumpness.

Imagine sitting a grape on a counter top for a few days. If you touch them on the third day you will be able to feel a decress in the firmness.  The elasticity on the outer layer has become thinner, resulting in weakness. Your skin reacts the same when its lacking moisture.You may see the skin to be a bit red and or blotchy. When your skin begins to look and dry  and you have done everything in your power to moisturizing it, that could indeed be the problem. You have been improperly moisturizing.

The skin may absorb some of the product that you use, too fast, with no benefit. Some products that you use may absorb the skin very quickly without benefiting you. Dry skin requires rich products with lots of moisture retention (Creams,oils, serum, essences, rehydrating overnight masks). Avoid using products with alcohol.     Make sure you’re exfoliating and masking so that the products can break up any dead skin. This way your skin care regimen will penetrate instead of vacationing on top  of your skin. A tip I want to share is, try to make the best choices for your skin, when it comes to skincare.If you don’t take care of your face,foundation will not be easy to apply. It will show texture and will not be a smooth application.The  foundation finishes that I recommend are radiant/dewy or natural. When setting makee-up, instead of setting dry skin with a powder I like to use a spray. Let me know how these tips were helpful.

Check Yourself With Self Talk

Few may find it incredibly strange when witnessing someone having a conversation with not a soul near. I find it to be brilliant. In fact I talk to myself, often. I’ve realized that it’s no better way to analyze by breaking things down to actually hear what you are thinking. It allows you to come to your senses making sure you are aware of what you’re doing and thinking.

Naturally when things are said verbally the brain tends to comprehend better. After all a quick vent alone never hurt anyone, and is much-needed from time to time.

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