When your first introduced to foundations you go through many before you find your ultimate favorite. From experience I have seen myself and others go through many different brands, textures, and also tools for application usage. Finally after spending a pretty penny you find what compliments each other. 

I’ll start with this, “beautiful foundation starts with beautiful skin” Prep the skin accordingly. In order to find the right foundation you must first assess and determine the correct skin type that you have. It’s important to know that the foundation is appropriate for your skin type. Otherwise it could clash. 

Example : I’m oily. Unlike most people I actually love my natural oils in my skin. It will slow the process of aging down and it also gives me a timeless glow. With or with make up. I personally wouldn’t pick a foundation that is loaded with oil or promotes a lot of hydration. My skin has it already and is well balanced. 

The tool that you’re using plays a big roll in this as well. You want to make sure it’s going to compliment the formula of your choice. Also some formulas need to be warmed up with body temperature so that it adjusts to the skintone correctly. 

Example: I clean my hands and place the product on the back of my hand. Warm it up using a circular motion and apply to desired area. 

Typically when I match someone’s foundation shade I look at multiple areas of the skin. The neck, the cheek, and the forehead. Depending on their preference if they tan or get lighter we will then discuss and find out what will work for them. 

Please be aware that some foundations will oxidize on the skin. When it is released from the bottle and it hits the air, the color can alter. When it gets on the skin and the natural oil’s will produce throughout the day and can cause the foundation to get darker as well. 

At the end of the day Make Up is fun but it’s also trial and error.