All make up applications should always be prepared with skincare. Let’s also not forget about another important step, primers. Primer is what’s going to assure that you have a flawless finish the entire day/night as if you just applied product. I like to call primers your make up glue. Anything you apply on top of your primer will prolong the wear. Here are some of my favorite primers from different brands I’ll explain why I love them below. Ultimate Ozone by Urban Decay is a soft moist but not tacky clear pencil that can be used to prime both your lips an eyes. I love this product because I can munipulate it an smooth out texture in my lips an make lipsticks stay on without transferring. Also I can prime my eyelid from lid to brow bone an get a bold saturated eyeshadow to pop as I flicker my eyes.  Another thing is I like to lightly graze over my brow with it an apply a brow powder . You will require little or more as you want depending on your desired brow look. 

 HourGlass mineral veil is a defiantly a game changer. This face primer cuts back redness in the skin,blurs imperfections and makes any foundation that you pair with it water proof. It doesn’t get any better than this. Some people wear just a dime size alone for the benefits without wearing makeup.  I find myself to be obsessed with this Smashbox under eye primer. I like to use it for priming for concealers and also if I’m doing a blown out look under my eyes. Hydrating and prepping for a smooth application. My holy grail. I can’t live without this Dior Maximizer. It is a primer serum and conditioner for your lashes. (Some also apply on eyebrows). This bad boy prepares your lashes while strengthen and conditioning them. It’s also promotes growth. Most of all you are prepared for your mascara to be applied without clumps or flakes an your able to enjoy multiple coats without unwanted texture.  Every night before bed I make sure I apply my brow conditioner. The applicator is very delicate an easy to massage on. Loaded with awesome ingredients to repair and strengthen brow hair. I never neglect my brows. Talk about results. IM OBSESSED.