Today your mascara and eyeliner decided to betray you. You always take the same steps when applying your makeup, unless your feeling frisky. Some people wonder why their mascara and eye liner wont stay in place, others have accepted this as their fate.

I am here to tell you that this issue can be controlled.  You  should always prime your eyes but be sure the skin isn’t too moist . Moisture can prevent the make up from adhering to your skin. You will notice just moments after an application, the beginning of a landslide.

Also, the amount of eye cream you are using before application makes a difference. It’s fine to add a bit more during your night time regimen. However in the daytime, try chopping that about in half. If you have oily skin, try lightly blotting your eye area before applying. I  have also used a translucent power on and around my eyes before applying mascara and eyeliner. These are things that I have tried on myself and others. Comment as to how this has worked out for you.