So you went to get a facial you and had a great time. Your skin is at its best it feels amazing.  No more congestion, the fatigue that you noticed last week, is long gone. The dry textured patches in your cheeks are no longer visible.

Then it dawns on you, how will you maintain these results until its time for your next facial?                                                                                                                                                                                                                        So here is how you balance your vibrant, evenly toned skin:

You get some peel pads. They are the absolute best, for a person that is in need of a  “quick fix”. The results are the same as getting a facial. I like to call it The Extreme maintenance.  Most of them are powerfully saturated and loaded  with antioxidants,that will brighten, lighten and tighten your skin. These treatments include vitamin A, C and E. The acids (glycolic,lactic, and citric) address things as such as Hyper pigmentation, fine lines, dull skin, texture, and more. Peel Pads are an all-in-one. It is without a doubt,the  holy grail in a regimen.