A few months ago, I was in the kitchen browsing around and I thought to myself I’m going to make a full body scrub.  I knew I wanted something that wasn’t going to be too harsh and something that would smell nice.  Most of all I wanted a product that incorporated the ingredients that I was familiar with.

Anything that you’re doing to your body should have a purpose. Being a skincare consultant I ask myself 3 questions:

  1.  What is this going to do ?
  2.  What do I want it to do ?
  3. Why did I pick this specific product?                                                                                           Most of the times, we buy things   ignorant to some of the ingredients. We can barely  pronounce the names of the chemicals that our bodies are absorbing, doesn’t that scare you? Of coarse it gets the job done but is it safe?                                                                                                                                                                                                      I opened up my cabinet and begin to pull out things that I felt would benefit me. I knew my skin was craving a deep scrub that wouldn’t cause inflammation or tearing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Blake’s Organic D.I.Y Scrub ingredients                                                                    Aloe Vera natural                                                                                                      Raw Honey                                                                                                                  Brown Sugar                                                                                                                Pink Himalayan Salt                                                                                                Avocado Oil                                                                                                                  Olive Oil

            Gently  scrub away dead skin, transforming your lips into skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom.                                                                                                TIP:  Include your lips when doing your skin care  regimen. Best way to prepare your lips for a luscious application of lipstick or gloss.