The best motivation is when someone tells you “you can’t” 

Pillow case

Before I learned all about takin care of my skin. Like any other person when I went to the store to buy sheets and pillowcases for my bed I would just get the regular standard cotton sets. Now I’m obsessed with satin pillow cases. Why? A few reasons would be. 

*no stripping your skin from moisture 

* avoiding fine lines and wrinkles 

* your hair will also hold moisture and not be so prone to breakage 

Product Hoarding

A lot of us love to buy products before we finish the ones we currently have. We don’t give ourselves time to see results from one thing before buying something else. Meanwhile, the time is ticking on other products that have already been opened. You need to be careful of expiration dates on things. Most products will have the expiration on the packaging. As things become older you will notice a change in the smell and consistency in the product. Everything will expire. You do not want to be using expired products on your skin, hair or any where on your body. Use what you have, see the results before purchasing more. You will save money and let yourself experience true results before jumping to something new. 


Be sure to take your daily vitamins. You don’t want to cheat yourself and deprive your body of nutrients that you need, especially if your not eating correctly. Vitamins will help with your skin, hair nails, organs, and energy. One small pill affecting a big life! 

Pamper Those Feet 

You should exfoliate your feet and follow up with an oil. Exfoliating can be beneficial as it gives you a smooth texture removes dead skill and allows the oil to penetrate deeper, giving you awesome results. A few times a week is all that is required.
I like to create my own scrubs and oils with my choice of organic ingredients.  It’s fun and I’m in control of what my body is absorbing.Set the future of your feet up for success. 

Resting up

Having the appropriate amount of sleep is super important for your body and skin. However although our minds tell us we can handle those long nights, Our under eyes beg to differ. Not so happy when we start noticing bags, fine lines, puffiness, crows feet, and dark circles huh? To avoid and prevent introducing an eye cream to your everyday routine (specific to your concerns) will be a start. Then follow by incorporating at least the minimum of eight glasses of water daily. (More if possible) Stimulate the area with your ring finger ONLY. (Less pressure in that particular finger)  Lastly get obsessed with fruit and vegetables. The most powerful antioxidants you can ever have. Not only will your under eyes improve. Your skin and overall body will do a 360. 

Say No, to Neck Neglect 

Most of the people I come in contact with don’t realize the importance of paying attention to the neck and hands are. This should be a big step in your skin care along with your face. It’s important to tend to your neck and décolleté, as they can be a great sign of age. You should want your skin to be on the same level all the way around. No one wants a young face with an old neck. Remember, your eyes, neck and hands will always age first. 

Smile it’s contagious

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Shades- sunglasses 

Always wear shades to avoid squinting with your eyes. It will cause fine lines and wrinkles around your eye area. Most of all your eyes will depend on that movement anytime exposed to bright lighting. 

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